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No hope


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Purple Haze


Purple Haze

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9,000 Fallen Soldiers Stenciled into Sand at Normandy Beach

To commemorate “Peace Day”, British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss, in combination with many volunteers, went to Normandy Beach and stenciled the silhouettes of the 9,000 soldiers who lost their lives on D-Day during World War II. With rakes and stencils pads shaped like bodies in hand, the group completed the temporary art installation titled The Fallen 9000.

The work is meant to serve as a stark visual reminder of the civilians, allied forces and Germans who died during the beach landings at Arromanches on D-Day: June 6th, 1944. The initial team began with 60 volunteers, but as word spread to nearby residents, an additional 500 people came to help with the temporary installation. Although the stenciled body impressions in the sand only lasted a few hours before the tide washed them away, the photographs serve as a reminder of the horrors of war and of the cherished lives lost.


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